5 Exercises to Keep Your Chin Single

You look in the mirror and see a secondchin starting to form? Are you considering surgery to get rid of those folds ofskin? Well hold on before you commit to doing surgery to get rid of it becausethere are some exercises that you can do to keep that second chin from takingover your face. The question is, why does this double chin happen in the firstplace? The reason is simple. Over time the collagen levels in your skin arelowered in your skin loses its elasticity. That’s why with older people youwill see sagging in the neck and the chin but even if you are a young adult ormiddle-aged, you can still suffer from this problem because it actually beginsaround age 20.

Plus there are a number of factors that canexacerbate the condition. For example, if you are a smoker, you are doingdamage to your skin already. If you have a poor diet, this could affect yourskin and contribute to the sagging and exposes the sun or drug abuse – as wellas alcoholism – can all be contributing factors to skin problems.

But there are two muscles that make up yourneck and if you can exercise those muscles you can actually do quite a bit foryour double chin and other sagging. In this article, we will go over fiveexercises that will work your sternocleidomastoid and platysma muscles andallow you to get rid of your double chin, and make yourself – and your faceespecially – look like it did when you were 20.

How often should you do these exercises?You should probably commit to 3 to 4 times a week if you want to see results.Just like with any other muscle training, you do want to have a day in betweenbut three times a week should be your minimum.

Tongue Press

The first exercise is called the tonguepress. You probably want to do is exercise in private because it does look alittle silly, but it will work the muscles that you need to work to get rid ofsagging neck skin or double chance. You should sit on a chair to do this thathas a sturdy back. You are going to lean back and look up at the ceiling withyour head tilted backwards and then press your tongue up to the roof of yourmouth as hard as you can. Now, tilt your head forward and lower your chin toyour chest but don’t bend your back. Your chin and your neck should contractand you should feel that muscle working. Then you can go back to the positionyou started in.

Astonishment Exercise

Hopefully, you know what it looks like whenyou’re astonished. This is the kind of astonishment that makes your mouth dropopen and end up in a really large O. So, make an ‘O’ as if you were astonishedto practice. Now, get into the same position that you were in with the previousexercise. Sit on the chair until your head back so that you are looking at theceiling. Your lip should be close at this point. Now you are going to open yourmouth until it reaches that ‘O’ shape. Continue this until you have counted off20 seconds and then relax your mouth and return to the beginning.

Ceiling Kisses

This is probably another one that youshouldn’t do while you are at work or out in public somewhere. This exercise iscalled the ceiling kiss and you are going to be standing to do it. Make surethat both of your arms or hanging loosely at your sides but you want to tiltyour head back and look up at the ceiling just like you did with the previousexercises. Now, all you do is make a kissy face, as if you were trying tosmooch the ceiling. Do this for five seconds and then relax. Again, just likewith the others, you should feel the muscles contract that you’re trying towork. That’s how you’ll know it is working.

Side Stretches

The next exercise is called the sidestretch. What you do for this exercise is to sit on the floor with your legscrossed. Put one hand on the floor, palms down, directly to the side of yourhip. Put your other arm over your head, reaching for the other side. Now makesure that your head is aligned with your neck and just pressure head to yourshoulder. Feel that muscle work and even take your other hand off of the floorto help put pressure on your head if you need to distract up that muscle. Holdit for 15 seconds and then go to the other side and repeat the entire process.

The Miley Cyrus

The last exercise that we’re going todiscuss is a really simple one. You’re going to want to sit in a chair onceagain, but this time you don’t have to tilt your head back and look at theceiling. You can just keep your head looking straight. Make sure you’re in arelaxed position. Now, all you have to do is open your mouth as wide as youpossibly can and then stick out your tongue as far as you possibly can untilyou feel that muscle stretch.